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Family Practice Specialty Rotation in Cardiology is a Course

Family Practice Specialty Rotation in Cardiology

Time limit: 90 days

$100 Enroll

Full course description


The purpose of this online course is to provide an overview of a cardiologist's approach to common problems seen in the primary care office. The course will discuss recommendations on management by general practitioners (primary care physicians), based on current guidelines and evidence-based medicine. We will use an active learning approach through live interactive sessions, assignments, and discussions. Faculty includes experts from the US, UK, Australia, and globally, including Pakistan local experts, especially those in family medicine. This program will complement basic training and short courses offered in Pakistan for general practitioners to bridge the gap of specialty care, especially in underserved areas.


Upon completion of this rotation, participants should be better able to:

  1. Explain the underlying basic pathophysiology of common cardiac conditions.
  2. Recognize and differentiate serious from benign common cardiac conditions seen in primary care practice.
  3. Improve primary and secondary preventive cardiac care.
  4. Describe the rationale for further workup of cardiac conditions by general practitioner vs cardiologist.
  5. Discuss risk, prognosis, and common cardiac problems.
  6. Describe when to treat in primary care setting vs when to refer to a specialist.


Marriyam Moten MD Professor of Medicine, Loma Linda University and University of California Riverside Lead Cardiologist Physician for APPNA MERIT

M Asrar ul Haq PhD FESC FACC FCSANZ FRACP Director Australian Cardiology Services Cardiovascular Trials Unit Northern Hospital The University of Melbourne

Prof Saima Iqbal Chair, Family Medicine Department, Shifa Taimeer I Millat University National Family Medicine Committee


Module 1: Ischemic Heart Disease 

Module 2: Valvular Heart Disease

Module 3: Atrial fibrillation

Module 4: Ventricular Arrhythmia

Module 5: Cardiogenic Syncope

Module 6: Cardiac Imaging

Module 7: Primary Prevention in Cardiology

Module 8: Hypertension

Module 9: EKG for PCP: Overview


Each Module consists of live session recording with presentations and Q&A with panelists, Required Reading assignment, Exit Ticket Assignment (from live session), required quiz, optional reading material and additional video lectures. Required assignments have to be completed before the next module becomes available (no required grades for passing the assignment). There are discussion threads in modules to respond to others and review posts from others.


The rotation team leaders have no financial relationships to disclose.


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